The peacefully picturesque sceneries of Cat cat Village- Sapa

Posted by Linda on 09:30 AM, 21-Feb-13

Catcat village attracts tourists from all over the world for its distinctive customs and practices which have been lost in almost ethnic villages.

Catcat Village is about three kilometers from the town of Sapa and it is navigable by foot. You could walk from Sapa to the village or rent a motorbike so you could go further after your visit to Cat Cat. You could also pay a motorbike taxi driver to take you to the village instead if you don’t want to walk nor drive a motorbike

Visiting Cat Cat, tourists will be impressed by the charming and romantic sceneries. People can easily catch sight of women sitting in front of the loom with colorful pieces of brocade, while children playing around with pets or even livestock. From the plain brocade, then women can carefully dye them with special leaves and embroider beautiful patterns of flower and animal on them. Moreover, many residents of Cat Cat Village are also skillful at manipulating sophisticated gold and silver jewelry.


The original architect of H’Mong people is interesting as well. Their house typically contains three rooms with three doors and po mu wood roof, while the walls’ material is sawn timber. There are other indispensable parts of the house such as altar, kitchen, places for keeping food and sleeping, etc.

Cat Cat Village gives visitors a chance to have a glimpse into the daily life of local ethnic people, and take part in traditional activities such as weaving fabric. It 
also is a good opportunity to purchase some traditional souvenirs and handicrafts right from the craftsmen. People can also try some local food selling the way upcoming to the hill.

In addition, the road leading to Cat Cat Village is an easy and interesting route for trekking. The spot is only within 20-30m minutes walking from Sapa center; and the hike through mountains will offer tourists the wonderful picture of rice paddies, water fall, or even water buffaloes grazing leisurely.

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